Monday, April 11, 2011

Spier with Tim and Margie

Woooooweeee, what a blast of a weekend!! We had the most awesome day at Spier with Scrapbookex and Glenda did (once again!) an absolutely superb job!! I will post the amazing projects we did as soon as I completed them - and they are really STUNNING! We had the most awesome products (some have not yet been launched in USA!!) and goodie bags. Everything was delightful and even the little details on the tables were to die for.

The one photo I will share right now is the lovely dinner we had at Moyo. As promised I dined with Margie, Tim, Mario, Glenda and the amazing team they work with - we had a wonderful evening filled with memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. We had such good laughs and it was amazing to be welcomed with open arms. For them to share a little of their lifes with me is something I will hold dear FOREVER!


Hope you create memories that will fill you heart (pity they won't be with Tim and Margie ;)


Happy scrappin'


  1. What a lucky lady you are, wish I went...great pics.

  2. you lucky madam!
    Very nice recent works dear Esti!
    See you on SaSS :)
    Have a lovely day,


Thank you for your comments! Have a fab day:)