Monday, November 22, 2010

I heard a birdie tweet..

I absolutely adore the Birdie Wreath from Kaisercraft! As I wasn't sure what to do with a birdie wreath (a Christmas wreath I hang on my front door - yeah, I have that idea:) but a birdie wreath was a bit different. Then my GF had the bright idea to make a mirror out of it - that way it makes a very useful and stunning gift!!
......and there you have it - beautiful isn't it? I like the funky photos with the sky and myself taking the pics - just had to add both - hie hie!
The birdies were covered and I then added a bling eye and covered the whole bird with dimensional glaze - they blended so perfectly with the paper, I needed them to stand out a bit more. The mirror is actually a perspex mirror - Hubbies clever idea!! It is extremely light and if the wreath does fall it isn't back to square one with a shattered mirror :o

I added some teensy details to make it more interesting on the eye - the ribbon adds a bit of flair and this little birdhouse charm was just too cute. In the end a lovely gift for a very special person:)


Happy scrappin'

Monday, November 8, 2010


Now this is pampering for you!!! If they know it is your wedding anniversary at Spier this is the reception you get!! Even the floor was strewn with rose petals and the bath was half filled with rose blossoms, petals and floating candles! Chocolates and wine to complete the picture. Such a lovely gesture and it made is feel so special:) P.S. Sorry to disappoint you, the cutie on the bed doesn't come with the room :( hie hie
This family photo was taken on our wedding anniversary as we fetched our princess from Ouma - they were gallivanting at the beach and we took this lovely family photo. I am sooooo blessed!!
Happy scrappin'

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Win some yummy Cosmo Cricket!

Hop over to Leah's blog and win a stash of Cosmo Cricket to last a LOOOONG time :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Magnet Mania

I think you're gonna love these tins as much as I do! The tins are much bigger and the magnets are made from the STUNNING Prima blossoms (crystals on them look just like dewdrops!). i found them a bit bulky for LO's going in an album, but they are absolutely perfect for OTP projects. For these flowers I used a magnet with a bit more cling - the Prima flowers are much heavier than the teeny tiny pebble magnets. On the lid I added some pearls with my new I-rock tool - totally cool!!

These square tins have five magnets inside - the flowers were bought in bulk and I spritzed them with some glimmer mist to give them a bit of oomph!! The lace flower on the top is my own creation (yes, my friends giggled and laughed when I created it - soooo big!! - bet now they're eating their words:)
Happy scrappin'
P.S. The weekend at Spier was totally AMAZING - felt like a second honeymoon - absolutely perfect!! (and I think I gained at least 10kilos from all the Moyo, picnics and lavish bfasts!!)