Monday, September 28, 2009

Hei ho Hei ho it's off to Spier I go..... Yeaaaaahh!
I'm attending the International Conference and it's been a while since I had a weekend of doing nothing (that's besides scrapping like crazy to keep up with the classes!!) but enjoying myself. I'm counting the sleeps..
I wanted to share these amazing photographs with you. I think they can be entered into Time Warp. My hubby (dear, dear man - lying flat on his stomach on the grass for most of the shots!!) played with the camera settings to capture these shots! The BIG bubble set was a birthday gift (from mom and dad - with ulterior motives - I just imagined the photo's !!! :) and as we played dad took about 75 photographs!! These two are definitely my fav's - I like the action shot with the feet in the air.
I always end up playing with the bubbles by myself (she is either on the swing, slide or baking mud pies!!!) they absolutely fascinate me!
Play with your children, pets (or blow bubbles by yourself!!) - the photo opportunities are endless - and FUN!!
Have bubbleblowing scrappin' fun

Friday, September 25, 2009


Dilemma, dilemma.... a card for a boy pirate party!! Since EVERYTHING - well almost everything!! - in my stash is pink (or purple) I had to think quickly. These free papers were included in a carding magazine and I added (more like discarded:) them to my stash of carding papers (I generally do not fancy the thin glossy mag papers - and I prefer not to cut the 3D stacking pictures!).
I decided to give them a go (sigh.....big sigh!!) but must admit, in the end, they turned out pretty cool! The best part is they were free (besides paying a fortune for the magazine - of course!!) and since they'll most likely be chucked in the bin after the party - absolutely perfect!
I've now decided to use my freebies (hope I can make a dent in the stash before 2011!!) and be creative with what I have!

Ahoy mateys.... have a scrappin stunning time!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I made this for my little girl's room a while back! She used to really admire it but now she plays for hours entertaining herself with her "puppet show". So easy to make and yet so effective! Add photos and die-cuts to painted "sosatie" skewers, add bling and ribbon and Voila!!

Happy scrappin'

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach Babe

Isn't this face absolutely edible!!! When was the last time we had so much fun with something as simple sand. The layout was based on a PageMap and the colours make me crave for soft serve
ice cream!!!
A lovely page that is not too busy with a few embellishments here and there to compliment the photo!
Lets take notes from our children and try and enjoy the simple things in life!!
Happy scrappin'

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birthday Fairy Princess

My little girl had a birthday and we (Daddy and I) decided we are not going to pay a fortune for a cake! (with hindsight LOL!!!) In the end I could have bought two cakes and have some spare change....... but it was worth it!

Isn't she beautiful!

I must admit - the pretty fairy doll helps a lot with the overall appeal but I proved once again - we scrapbookers can do anything we put our minds to! I simply did what I know best .... I embellished the cake - including bling and glitter (yes, the edible kind - wonder if I can use the leftovers on my scrap pages!! :)

Will post the layout - just had to share the cake....

Happy scrappin'

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Fairy

This double layout makes use of all the elements on the Kaisercraft paper. I just LOVE how they add little detail to the paper design - easy to cut out and add to your pages as elements of interest!

The title was my first cut with my adorable Slice (using 3 different design cards!) and I added shimmer H2O to the fairy wings to make them shine! To add glimmer to the butterfly cut-outs I highlighted the wing lines with an embossing pen and adding clear embossing powder with little specks of glitter.

The fuzzy felt was a wonderful lime green colour (wonderful for everything but this layout!!). I simply painted it purple!! Never fear when paint is near:) To create the painted photo corners I used the template on the Prima Flower packaging (you can also chalk, colour or paint them directly on your page or journal blocks!) - thanks Prima!!

Hope you have an amazing week!! Happy scrappin :)