Friday, October 30, 2009

KI Memories Spier

Isn't the photos just too cute?? This is the Spier layout from KI Memories. We played around with different techniques and I love the outcome. We toned down VERY bright paper with double sided tape and iridescent glitter - a beautiful effect! I added a few blossoms and letters to make it my own (and I skipped the flip-up piece and envelope booklet :)
I like the use of white space on this layout - very effective.
Happy scrappin'

Friday, October 23, 2009

WOW, at last I had time to finish all the layouts from our Spier day! Have you ever had a week where you thought it would be peaceful and quiet and you'll get LOTS done - well....... needless to say it NEVER turns out the way you thought it would!!

The Kaisercrafters were sooooo abundant with their product, I finished the double layout, off-the-page project, two single layouts and a card and I still have half the embellishments and even some full sheets of paper left over!! I loooove the fact their ranges come with rub-ons, stickers, letters, die-cuts, embroidered badges and paper - all perfect for each other. It helps taking the thinking out of planning when you really have only a few minutes to spare or are rushing to a crop with friends (you met in the Spar and decided - yeah, let's crop 'till the wee hours of the morning :) and need to grab something on the run!

On my Zz.. layout I really enjoyed the straightness of the "skewy" lines - I saw a similar style in a mag and thought it a nice variation to the normal horizontal lined LO's. Hope it inspires you to be a little left wing low on your next LO's :)

I'm now looking forward to Christmas (yes, already!!). I love everything about Christmastime - the crowded shopping malls (I really do!!!), the Christmas tunes playing over and over until you know each and every single one by heart, the looking, finding, sorting, googling, e-baying for the perfect gift, the shiny wrapping and quirky gift tags (since most people chuck it with the paper a selected few will get the handmade scrapped version!!) but most of all the feeling of contentment, pure happiness and really truly knowing... An ALMIGHTY King was born this day - my Saviour!!

............and off course the three Christmas ranges I already bought for those awesome Christmas layouts :)

9 weeks to Christmas ladies - better get cracking!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glitzy Glitz

I loved the bold colours of the Glitz Design LO we did at Spier. I would not in my wildest dreams imagined putting a black rub-on on black paper - and as you can see, it looks super cool! (must admit the background is more dark grey than black!) It gives the effect of black heat embossing - a shiny, sassy feel to the LO.

The overseas designers definitely work on a different budget than us. The black background is actually a printed sheet of paper - if I had any cardstock I would definitely have replaced it with a cardstock sheet!! .... but as the saying goes - when you're in Rome do as the Romans do :)

The frame was traced and cut from a template and we "inked" the edges with paint dabbers!!! I honestly thought - agh, why not just use inks?!? - I was impressed! You can see the definite black edging on the very busy paper - for me, this actually softens the busy paper a bit and draws the eye to the frame.

Although I thought "SJOE!!!" when I saw the paper I really love the finished LO! I even bought more paper in the range to play with!!

Happy Scrappin'

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is my take on the Prima layout we did at Spier!
I absolutely fell head over heels in love with the flowers and bling swirls! Not to mention the absolutely adorable butterfly -bling, beads and all - sounds like a winning combination to me:)
The papers we used were magnificent. The pink paper was covered in a beautiful glittered finish with the turquoise in flocked velvety swirls. The pearly swirls added a bit of softness to the layout and the flowers balanced everything out. The pink flower is one huge blossom we manhandled (literally cut in half with a craft knife, manoeuvred insides out and stepped or squashed to flatten!!)
Faux stitching finishes off the double page and I have to say, of the Spier layouts, this one is definitely my favourite. The cute photos does help:)
Still very busy scrapping everything else. will post as they are completed!
Happy scrappin'

Monday, October 12, 2009

Spier 2009

There is only one word ....... WOOOOOW-WEEEEEEE !!! We had a blast!! This was the most fun I had in ages. To top it off - we have (for once) something to brag about that was unique to the Cape Town Convention - we actually scrapped in a tented venue!! (not mentioning it was about 34 degrees!!!) - it was still so much fun! - I always say: "you are here now - you can just as well enjoy every second!"

Myself and two friends stayed over from the Friday night at the Spier Hotel - amazing! This is such a tranquil and beautiful environment, we felt totally relaxed. I had so many laughs I still smile when I think about all we did and the fun we had. Great friends make the weekend SOOO much more memorable!! To be able to share laughs (and be laughed at!!) and laugh at yourself is certainly what makes it all worth wile.

I will post some of the completed projects as they are actually completed :) - still recuperating from a hectic week!

To sum it up it was a perfect weekend: