Thursday, April 7, 2011

In the presence of Giants...

I've blogged the photos of our elephant feeding trip and promised to share a LO:) This photo is so amazing - the little body stroking the baby (doesn't look so baby if you are next to it!) elephant. Looking into each others eyes and the awe for the marvel of God's creation palpable in the photo. Using letter stickers within the journalling emphasises the words elephant awe and brings this point home beautifully.
The crochet heart stole my heart when I stumbled upon it in a (not scrapbooking at all!) tiny little shop. It is just what I needed to lift the colours and draw the eye to the photo.
The layered blossoms and distressed edges just adds a little bit of texture to the LO. Distressing the edges of the photo also creates a frame around the photo.


May you be awestruck by the wonder of God's creation every day!


Happy scrappin'


  1. What an elephant-astic layout, Esti! Sorry, I couldn't resist LOL I LOVE the crocheted heart...I must search the web for a pattern and make some myself :)

  2. Hie Hie - very appropriate:) Not even a pattern can help me ... cannot crochet even if I tried (and I did - with disastrous results:) x


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