Monday, May 24, 2010

I just loved this little pose in our first ever school photo. It is however OBVIOUS this photographer (nor his wife, aunt, cousin, mom or any relative!!!!!) does not scrapbook!! The vivid green background and multicoloured framed is every scrapbooker's worst nightmare. I didn't want to photoshop the background as this is the authentic version - the real first photo :). I must admit the Kaisercraft paper picks up the colours from the photo and in the end the white in the background paper neutralises the vivid green (a little bit, at least!!).

Try and scrap your seriously colourful photos - in the end it is the memory we want to keep forever!!

Happy scrappin'

Monday, May 10, 2010


I am in awe of the new Delish range! It is just too gorgeous:)-- (this is the drool face!!). The silver merci frame is actually a blank frame form the Delish range. I fitted a piece of patterned paper inside to which I added the Merci rub-on (also from the Delish range) and covered it with dimensional glaze. This way you can create a mine frame in any colour or with any saying that matches your paper or occasion!

Now I just have to find someone French to say thank you too:)

Happy scrappin'

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yesterday my little one decided we will be makers today...... (a bit of hesitation as I didn't really understand what being a maker entailed!!) Well, we started of making crumpets for breakfast and we "made" our way to the wildlife sanctuary, we "made" a stop at Wimpy for lunch (which was an ice cream and a Cream Soda!!!) and we ended the day making some yummy biscuits. These were then made up in 12 packets (I got firm instructions who were to receive a packet this week) to say "I love You" to the people that means a lot to her. One for her teacher, teacher's assistant, Music teacher, Ballet teacher, English teacher (since she is in an Afrikaans class in junior Pre-primary they get and English teacher to teach them songs and rhymes on a Tuesday!), playball teacher, computer teacher, aftercare teachers and ouma, oupa and Aunt!!!
I made up the bags with flowers and ribbon and even a little gem! The tags were a whole lot of fun. I used my Spellbinder Nestabilities (NEVER used them before!!) and it was absolutely magnificent! One swoosh through the CuttleBug and voila! Definitely worth investing in........mmmmmmmmmmm:) A few ink strokes and the cutest stamp and they were ready to be sent off to school. Pretty, even if I have to say so myself!!
Only one problem ............. did you see the massive range in the Nestabilities...........
Happy Scrappin'