Sunday, April 3, 2011

Silliness all around!

This week's challenge and Scrap and Stamp Saturdays will keep the giggles going and the smiles flowing!! Y The challenge is to scrap a silly moment - we all have those and it is so important to document the memories to keep us smiling years from now! Being from Sunny South Africa we don't often have snow to play in. We get snow in the mountain areas but also not loads (you have to get there within a day of two to really play!). Y Problem - NO problem - in the middle of a major shopping centre they built a huge snow ramp with snow cannons creating the perfect opportunity to PLAY!! Myself and two friends took my little one (good excuse!!!) to tube down the slope. In the end we had more fun than she did!! We went down the hill (and it is VERY steep, I must add!) about 20 times and we had all the onlookers in stitches .......every time we came down there were more giggles and yelps than the previous time! The poor "catchers" at the bottom had their hands full to keep us from propelling into the crowd of onlookers:) Luckily they had a camera ready for action shots and from the look on my face you can see we had FUN!! . Y The best part is we were playing in the snow in the middle of summer with 32degreesC weather outside - how cool is that:) Y Hope this made you recall a silly moment that lit up your face with a smile! Y Happy scrappin'

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