Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chess anyone??

I bought a cheap and nasty chess set from a R5 store (it actually cost R12???) for my little one to play around with - and I bought one for myself!!  The box was made from lightly colored wood, with hinges and a clasp in gold (fake, I presume:) - not bad for a cheap chess set. 

I just had to do something with it..................
 I covered the front and back with the beautiful glitter print - LOVE browns and turquoise together!! There was a tiny bit of the chess blocks painted on top showing at the back but a little sanding with my sanding block sorted that like a charm:)
 The inside was also covered - had faint stains on it that didn't look gift worthy:)

After covering and inking all the edges - even the wood - I added a layer of Podge to keep the glitter at bay and to make the box last a little longer.
The box is really shallow and I was a bit perplexed as to what I'll put inside :-* I made a box of tags!  A friend is having a birthday next week and I thought it would be the perfect gift - if she then has a birthday or any occasion coming up she can wrap in brown paper and grab one of the tags to add and zwoozh up the gift- easy and pretty ;)

The box can then also be re-used as a travel jewellery box or stationary holder in the car - it fits a small notebook and pen..............mmmmmmmmmmm.........................I've got my daughter's box..................sorry, have to go..............have to cover another box.............

Happy scrappin'

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thank you in Bonjour style:)


My dear friend had a whole lot of sponsors lined up for the convention.  The apt way to thank them was to create beautiful thank you cards - scrapbooking style - and that's just what we did.  We designed and created 16 cards in a few hours and were very chuffed with the results.  Loved using the gorgeous Kaisercraft Bonjour collection - so easy to create with:)

All of the cards in matching printed paper makes for a beautiful sight - so pretty it took some convincing to actually post them:)
On the envelope is a pretty swirly stamp and "just a little note to say THANKS", completed with some stickles to add a bit of pizazzzzz!

I would love to get one of these in the mail - something handmade.................something other than a bill:)

Why don't you send someone special a handmade card - put a smile on their face and a WOW on their lips!

Happy scrapping'

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspiration station!

My little girl bought this tape from a craft store - very chuffed with herself.................and it was only hers - I may only use one little piece on a  layout:).

The idea was perfect for a single photo I wanted to scrap for a while but it was just a pretty photo, no story to tell, no memories - just pretty!

 I created my washing line with baker's twine (simply tie a bow on each end and staple to your page) and used the thicker craft pegs - I split the pegs as they were just too thick for fitting snugly in an album. After struggling with the look I realised the pegs looked odd without the silver wire piece on top that makes a clothes peg a clothes peg:) - solution..........I snipped of the end pieces from the peg "spring" and added them to the pegs with dimensional glaze and voila! perfect. A few hand-cut t-shirts from matching paper (freehand draw them and cut out) and some pearls for trim, a title from card stock (also just draw freehand and cut out!) with a little dimensional glaze to lift the title and it's perfect!
I loved the look of the paper and didn't want to 'over' embellish the page - simply added matting to my photo in a co-ordinating print and two folded "fan" embellishments with rolled bakers twine centres just to tie it all together.  Distressing the photo mat gives the page a bit of dimension and adds texture.

Why not find something that's not really 'scrapbooky' and make a layout inspired by it?

Happy scrappin'

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chocolate roses............

I have decided that working with chocolate and scrapbooking are my favourite hobbies:)

This cake was oodles of fun - chocolate ganache filling, handmade truffles and chocolate clay roses (can't take credit for the red roses, those were so perfectly made by our amazing Lord:)  plus squiggles on my chocolate sleeve....................mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........need I say more.......

Friday, June 1, 2012

Groovie June.

It is playtime again at Groovie Covers!  This is the book cover to use as inspiration for June!  Since joining the design team I've been looking at book covers differently:) - suddenly I see compositions of colours and fonts I would never have noticed before!

This is my take on the cover.  My little princess made a beautiful Protea at school and she bought me the most beautiful black Arum Lilies for Mother's Day.  She told her Daddy that is what she is buying and NOTHING else will do:).  I used teeny weeny letter stickers from Kaisercraft directly on the photo and it reads : " you are still the best gift of all!"

I used the teeny stickers around the edge of the circle as my journaling and added ruffles of tissue paper for a bit of dimension on the page.  A few chipboard flowers on top of the die-cut creates a lovely 3-D effect and the bling photo corners just round the page off.

Play with us using the June cover as inspiration and stand a chance of winning a RAK:)

Happy scrappin'