Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dimensional Glaze

The stunning effect of this see-through liquid amazes me every time!!! Dimensional glue is perfect to highlight anything on a page or card.

I often use it on printed paper designs that I hand-cut to use as embellishments. Either cover the whole cut-out or highlight interesting patterns or areas.

Perfect for use on lettering and even stickers. It will make any die-cut look like a pretty expensive epoxy embellishment and it makes lettering "pop" out of the page. And the best yet, sprinkle glitter over wet glaze, when dry, the glitter sinks into the glaze and no more glitter over the floor (and carpets..and lounge chairs......and hubby....and cat!!)

On the examples I mounted brown letter stickers on blue, hand cut them and glazed letters to make an eye-catching title.I have to say, I am hooked, I've added two bottles to my stash (just in case one disappears into my scrapbooking abyss......... aka mess :-O ) and will never be caught without it.

Glaze away (not on you dining room table!!) fellow addicts!

*Note to self - it takes a VERY long time to dry - keep this in mind when you are scrapping away from home and need to transport your goodies back to base!

*****Urgent note to self - don't shake excess glitter of VIGOROUSLY (- the wet glaze WILL run everywhere) lift gently! Better yet - don't shake at all ;-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I read this poem and realised....
Sometimes we just have to

Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face
by Jack Prelutsky

Be glad your nose is on your face,
not pasted on some other place,
for if it were where it is not,
you might dislike your nose a lot.

Imagine if your precious nose
were sandwiched in between your toes,
hat clearly would not be a treat,
for you'd be forced to smell your feet.
Your nose would be a source of dread
were it attached atop your head,
it soon would drive you to despair,
forever tickled by your hair.

Within your ear, your nose would be
an absolute catastrophe,
for when you were obliged to sneeze,
your brain would rattle from the breeze.
Your nose, instead, through thick and thin,
remains between your eyes and chin,
not pasted on some other place--
be glad your nose is on your face!
Hope it brightened your day and made you smile!!
Happy scrappin'

Capturing on the move!

Although I have the EOS on my christmas list (it's been there for at least 5 years!!!! - I'm getting the idea I'm an the naughty list!:-0 ) I have an older digital camera with VERY slow shutter speed. If you ever try and capture (and I use the word CAPTURE - it is NOT simply taking a photo!!) children or animals that are on the move and have a mind of their own - the shutter speed poses as a problem. By the time you've taken the perfect photo the subject is already four blocks away, busy with another perfect photo opportunity!

My little one decided that it will be soooo much fun if I could chase her while taking a photo! (where these ideas come from, I don't even attempt to imagine). In the end the only way to take the photos (which are cute - I must admit) was to pan the actual camera with her as she ran. I tried to focus when she was standing still (there my speed was a bit on the slow side as this lasted only a few seconds!!) and moved the camera to take the shot.
Innovate and be creative! Not only when taking photos but also when scrapping! It is after all your pictures, your scrapbook pages and your memories - if others don't like it - they can create their own!

Happy snappin'!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This must be the most amazing photo!! What is this little mind pondering about?? (don't always know if we really WANT to know everything they're thinking - at this age, LUCKILY, it's still mostly about fairies - I hope :)

If a photo fills your page I like to add little details that keeps the eye moving over the whole page - but not distract from the photo. A few simple embellishments, a touch of bling and a pre-embossed paper was all that was needed to complete this page!!

Don't forget to journal - in twenty years time your children want to see more than their faces smiling on the pages - they'll want to know the who, what, where, when and how they made you feel all special and warm inside (of course we also scrap the pages where the emotions is not so warm - closer to boiling point!!!)

Try enlarging a photo you love to almost fill the entire page - have fun experimenting with NOT using all in your stash for a change!

Enjoy scrapping the emotions of life!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Drumroll please ........

It is with a smile on my face, severe palpatations and a blink in my eye that I can reveal...........................

I have been chosen as Design Team Member for Scrap Shack Studio. They are wholesalers for Kaiser Craft, Prima, Fancy Pants etc. - with such awesome products to work with you can imagine how excited I am about this reveal!!

Congratulations to Sophia and Elizna - I'm sure we are going to have hours of scrapping fun and it's great to be part of such an amazing team!!
For all the thumbs held and fingers crossed - thanks a bunch!

Now all together - hip hip HOORAY!

Adding interest with elements

It's good to be back - a lovely holiday with no phones and no Internet - hence no posts on the blog!!
My hubby put this amazing song on a cd in the car that started playing as I started driving - I wanted to add it to a layout and used a cd envelope decorated with ribbons, paper cut-outs and inked it to match my page. I typed the lyrics onto a beautiful sunset photo before I had it printed (didn't really like the idea of my face spread over a double page layout :) Now my children can also listen to the song (if they know what a cd is in 30years time!!! - they will probably giggle to much to listen to the song!!!!) and realise what a special relationship their parents had.
I always try to add elements that would one day have my children reminisce about the "good old days"! (If you think about it TODAY is the good old days and we should thoroughly enjoy it!!)
Happy scrappin and LOL (even if it is only when you look in the mirror!!!)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This must be one of the most amazing projects I ever did!! It was designed for the scrapbook retreat and I completed it with the 7G and Tim Holtz range of goodies. The book includes 55photos in total and measures 20cm x 20cm (10 pages 20x10 and 20 pages 10x10). This is such a lovely way to display photos that are really small and you have a wide variety of (mine were ancient!! printed from slides with one tiny little person and a whole lot of ugly background).I found it absolutely amazing, the different techniques and the wide variety of product that can be used in a project like this.

All the little bits of off-cut ribbon, pieces of paper or transparencies, photo corners and blossoms - they all make such a perfect focal point on the tiniest of spaces.

To keep the look unified I chose embellishments, stickers and stamps that was in the same colour range as my paper.

Everything was bound with the Zutter Bind-it-All (a nifty little machine!! - and yes, it comes in PINK!!! :). The ribbon and charms on the rings just added the
touch of class to finish of the project!