Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I helped a friend at a show about two weeks ago and had this beautiful butterfly painted on my face - glitter and all!! The next day I arrived at the face artist (his work is sooo much more than just that of a face painter!!) papers in hand (I could see on his face he thought I was a few eggs short of a dozen!!)
He painted the most gorgeous butterflies on the page corners and I just added Dimensional Glaze to ensure the glitter stays where it is suppose to (don't know about yours, but my glitter has a mind of it's own!!)
I tried to keep the layout plain and simple as I wanted the butterflies to stand out!
Next time you go to a children's party - go
prepared - gift in one hand, paper in the other!!
Happy scrappin'

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's always difficult to scrap yourself! This layout was created with Kaisercraft paper and embellishments and to create all the red focus points I used my new BTF (best tool forever!!!) - the Slice!

I just think this nifty little machine needs some kind of award - it is so conveniently small, packs beautifully in a bag (colour co-ordinated off course) with perfect pouches for tools and design cards - what more can a girl want (we are no longer at the NEED stage!). One, two, three - it's as simple as that - choose your design, stick paper down with funky glue, choose size and cut! AMAZING! It can even emboss and the new design cards have a speed upgrade (I wonder where I can get one of those for myself!!!!).

If you haven't seen this little machine in action you definitely need to visit You Tube!!

If the slice is just out of your reach, print any design on cardstock and hand cut, same effect with more effort - we'll call it putting more TLC into your pages! (will order you a speed upgrade as soon as I source one for myself :-)

Happy scrappin

P.S. The new slice comes in a luscious pink!! Shoot!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Carding galore!

I had two totally awesome Saturdays teaching this carding class. I designed the cards using mostly the 7G range of paper and embellishments (some ideas what to do with the teensy weensy paper clips - aren't they absolutely gorgeous!). We had so much fun distressing, cutting, sanding (and of course chatting and eating cake!!), time flew by!

I especially like the transparency card as it is something new to a lot of scrappers - we need to stroll out of our comfort zones and try something new. The images were stamped with Staz-On and it has an amazing see-through effect!

Happy scrappin'

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer sketch contest

I've decided to be adventurous and entered the Page Maps blog's sketch contest with this summer layout!

I absolutely adore this photograph!! Is was about 34degrees outside - we we're actually playing in the sprinklers!! - when she put on her warmest, woolliest, fluffiest (and definitely CUTEST!!) waistcoat! This is how we played for the rest of the day - "I'm looking pretty mom!!" (and yes - if you we're wondering - fluffy white winter clothes can be mud cake mud free again!! Nothing Vanish cannot handle :)

I love how the bright colours actually re-create the fun mood of the day - even the pink hearts on the waistcoat blends perfectly with the summer colours.

Break out those mouldy swimwear and go for it girl (now now, I'm talking to my overseas friends - don't blame me if you get pneumonia!!!) - enjoy summer............ and if it is really cold with snow on the mountains - like today in Cape Town - enjoy scrapping the memories!!

Sorry have to go - suddenly feel like ice cream ;0

Friday, August 7, 2009

Paper ribbon border

Sometimes a page needs a little extra .. I lifted several elements on this page and cut a border of strips to frame it - it had lovely dimension over the center of the page but the frame looked really uninspiring! What now.....

I looked through my ribbon stash (I'm pretty sure I can go around the world twice!!!) but alas... no colour that matches (will have to buy some more - can't have this dilemma at two in the morning!!!).

Improvise...... I folded strips of patterned paper over on itself to create paper ribbon that added the dimension and the little extra the page needed!

I'm always amazed by the fact that products from 5 different companies go together like Latte and cheesecake (......okay... so it works for me ;)

Go through your stash, match different product lines and step out of your comfort zone ... maybe you find a combination that works for you (like Bovril and Mealiepap - another one of my fav's) - the great thing about scrapbooking is - YOU have to like it - your scrapbook, your memories, your taste (however odd it may seem!!!)

Happy scrapping

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cupcake Yumminess!

Happy Birthday (unfortunately not to me!!). I created this stunning cupcake for a friend's bday. Isn't it cute??

It's a fun and fairly easy project that can be created with a few off-cuts and DEFINITELY a circle punch!

Cut a paper party cup in half - colour doesn't matter!(if you have bigger Styrofoam balls you can create a bigger cupcake with the top half).

Cut two strips of 12" paper (wide enough to cover the side of the bottom half of the cup) and crinkle by hand (I tried the paper crimper but the effect wasn't prominent enough). Attach two strips together and stick to bottom of cup (I used Pritt Gel and elastic bands to keep in place till dry). Stick Styrofoam ball into cup.

Punch circles out of two colours of paper (if you make a bigger cupcake you can use three colours). Attach overlapping to ball with glue gun (Pritt Gel will do the trick but you need lots of patience with drying time!!)

Cover lightly with spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter over cupcake for frosting effect. Fold a 2" strip of tulle over itself and attach to top of cupcake with a brad - put some glue on brad prongs to ensure its stuck to cupcake.

To create the "cherry" on top - paint a wooden / plastic bead and pour glitter over while paint is still wet. Stick frilly ribbon around bottom of ball with drops of glue at the beginning and end and........


This makes a stunning table decoration and looks amazing on top of a wrapped gift!

Enjoy being creative!