Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bubbles with Attitude

I was home alone on Saturday, blissfully scrapping the day away (first scrap session at home since November!!!!!), reading mags and napping - felt like holiday!

This photo just grabbed me and I just had to scrap it straight away - the attitude just made me smile and I never imagined a bubble gun can provide so many hours of fun!! Every now and again Oupa and Ouma sends a parcel in the post with goodies and gifts and this bubble gun was surely a winner!!

I just love the Enmarc doilie sets and used it as a photo background on my LO. Little smidgens of green in the paper are highlighted by the grass in the photo and I tied it together with green letters on my sign.

The sign used to be a hanging sign!!!!! - after completing the LO I set it on the floor to dry - as I always do. It was time for a cup of tea and when I returned I found bit of pieces of brown cardstock and pearls all through the room..........what on earth............. our little daschund wanted to play as well (knew scrapping was contagious!!!) and ATE all the embellishments of the page - even a piece of the doilie!! MAMA was not happy but since she was also home alone and neglected to scrapbooking I couldn't be angry too long!

As you know every mistake is an opportunity for an embellishment..........hence no more hanging sign - just sign, a journalling block, lace strip, butterfly and pretty bow disguises the damage - yes, even the hole she tore in the page!! - must admit, I like the new look better:)

Note to self - DO NOT LEAVE LO ON THE FLOOR:) :) - dog will eat;)

Happy scrappin'

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mini Cards

We have so many parties and occasions this time of year that I've decided to play with a few mini-cards. They're super easy to attach to a chocolate or bottle of wine:)

To create the butterfly I used photo corners and brads (we all have stashes of those!!) on a little piece of printed paper - super fast and easy.

The flower cards is simply two circles, snipped into sections and folded this way, that way, this way (double sided print works best) and attached on top of each other with a funky button (we all have stashes of those too:))

The ladybug card is two large circles - top one snipped in half - with a few eyelets for dots:). The head is a small circle with bling eyes and string antennae - super cute (also very cute attached to a straw as a party favour;)

Use those little bitty off-cuts and create min-card creations - it's oodles of fun!

Happy scrappin'

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Just wanted to wish you love and happiness - not only today but every day of your life:)