Friday, May 29, 2009

Girls in browns and greens.

This layout is a scraplift from a pagemap. I used traditional "boy" papers (seems pink doesn't work with everything girly after all!!) to create this layout!! The results are sometimes interesting if you challenge yourself - make use of colours, paper or even photos you would never choose and create something that captures a memory for a lifetime :)

Have a scrapping good weekend and LOL alot xx

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photo Shoot!

I was in desperate need of a photo or two of myself as I am always the one behind the lens! Guess you know the feeling :)
So, this morning it was time for an impromptu 10 minute photo shoot in the garden. This is silly me (have no idea what I was doing at the time but it looks like fun:). It was not truly astonishing to get a "silly me" photo, as I scrapped till 2:45 this morning (or was it last night??) and my daughter decided at 3 sharp she had enough sleep for one night! I'd love to say the red eyes were to match the red shirt for perfect paper matching - but alas!!!
Happy scrapping!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Adore ... for sure!!

This has to be one of my favourite layouts I've ever done. Don't really know what in particular, but it just works for me!! (I think the stunning photo helps!!) How cute is this disheveled fairy!

My scrapbook buddies had a total meltdown as I dry-brushed the purple paint roughly on this beautiful green paper!!!! well........we were all very surprised at the outcome. It seems, being daring can sometimes pay off. I dry-brushed the edges to create a bit of uniformity - and off course added bling!

May your week be filled with PURE BLISS!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Totally amazing

I will definitely aspire to take photographs like this!!! Can you imagine scrapping something so marvellous - miracles are around us everyday - we just have to see them for what they truly are! I CAN imagine what happened 2 seconds after the photo was taken .......... view his website at - it will take your breath away!!!

It has been an amazing day with a learning curve I couldn't imagine (to get this blog remotely stunning I even had to make changes to the HTML - if you don't know what this is, you can't really appreciate the significance :) - it is something between Greek and French to someone who speaks only German!! Thanks to a friend in the know it happened rather smoothly - thanks buddie!!

Had fun - learned lots - day well spent!

Photoblock Project

A project I undertook for mothers day - stunning what scrappers
can accomplish with photos (54 to be exact!!) and a little
acid free glue!! This is one grandma will remember
(and play with!!) for a very long time!
I just think it is pretty darn cute!


Wow, a truly new and exciting venture!! I find it absolutely amazing how quickly one can fossilise when it comes to technology....

My blog is up and running.....albeit under construction......I am a blogger!!!