Monday, November 30, 2009

G.I. Esti

I had to share these photos with you. We went to a market yesterday to stroll around - nice peaceful Sunday afternoon - if only I knew!! There were a lot of things to entertain the children and one of them was this HUGE (about 6m high) soap dispenser blow-up castle thingie. My little one (just turned 4) is a little apprehensive of bigger, rougher children and things that are SEVENTEEN times her size!! So I said....wait for it............. "Come, Mommy will go with you!!!" .......
Noooooo, it is not as easy as it looks!! My hubby took this picture with my cellphone - I suppose it would have made a lovely memory in case I didn't make it! Because I am slightly (ever so slightly:) heavier than you standard kid, the rope ladder became one with the blow-up thingie and there was almost no chance of getting my feet even close to standing on it!! The higher I got - the more I giggled - the worse the problem became!! To cut a long story short .............. I MADE IT!! (to the amusement of 397 people on the beach and at least 47 children on the blow-up thingie!!!!).
My little one was seriously impressed (NOT with me climbing my heart out!!!) that she made it and went another 5 herself;). I did seriously impress my hubby and my brother (the grins on their faces as I looked down halfway said "yeah right, she'll never make it") .......and I impressed myself, but in all honesty I think there is now a new weight restriction added to all blow-up thingies:)
Try something new and exciting (and have someone stand by with a camera!!) and impress yourself! Create a memory for life.
Watch out Survivor (or is it Fear Factor!!!!!).... here I come!
Happy scrappin'


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