Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday Wishes

A special friend had a birthday last week and I really wanted to create a card that would make her feel special. To create a flower I cut freehand circles from glitter and flocked paper with a gorgeous bling in the centre. For the stem I simply used a pink ribbon with polka dot ribbon tied as a leafy accent. The "your special" stamp is embossed to give it a really classy feel:). "Congratulations" is a 3 in 1 stamp from Autumn Leaves. First stamp the pink rectangle, then Congratulations in a contrasting pink, lastly add the scrolly border in black. I embossed the whole image (about four times) and raised it to give it an epoxy embellishment effect. Kaisercraft border rhinestones adds a little oomph to card front.
Inside the card I stamped a sentiment which is also embossed and added the same circle flower to compliment the front of the card. Some ribbon detail makes is feel really lavish (....that's if a card can feel lavish :)

The envelope is always forgotten but this time is was actually part of the gift presentation. A simple swirly rub-on with bling (I LOOOOVE my bling!!!) in strategic places, blossoms with a dotty brad (a dear friend bought these funky brads as a gift - all the way from England !) and layered ribbon made the loveliest envelope!
A special card for a special friend - perfect!
Happy creatin'


  1. this is a beautiful card, estie, what a lucky friend.

  2. She sure is special - wish I had the time to make a card for everyone dear to me - won't that be great - receiving a card just to say: "You're absolutely special to me!!"

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