Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tins of festive creativity!

I spend a lovely Friday with my GF making these gorgeous tins! Every person she deals with during the year with her company receives one of these tins filled with yummy goodies - including the most divine shortbread you have ever tasted! She had a batch in the oven while we were scrapping (please excuse the little wet spots on the tins - it was my mouth watering the whole morning;).
We completed 20 in total on Friday (not bad for a days work!!) and that's while having pizza, scrumptious tea and a whole lot of chatting and listening to music!! After LOTS of double sided tape, Pritt Gel, Dimensional Glaze, glitter, stickles and ribbon - we did it! I would definitely consider this a day well spend - eating, chatting, laughing, scrapping. slicing (Slice Machine - my other BFF!!) and actually completing something!!
Hope you have a GF you can spend some time scrapping with:)...............and get a doggy bag of freshly home made Shortbread ;)
Happy scrappin'
P.S. I'm always confusing the living daylights out of this Spell Check with words like "Stickles" LOL


  1. they are stunning! who are they for? 20 tins, shwee, you were busy,hey?

  2. Your tins look FABTABULOUS ! - try put that in your spellcheck. Not sure I would have found time to eat if I had to make all those tins. Perhaps that should be my next diet trick - keep hands very very busy all day !

  3. Not even 20tins put us of eating!! What is scrapbooking without a good chat and some yummies to eat on the side! FABTABULOUS will definitely be added to my spell check - a really FABTABULOUS word!! Says it all in one go!!


Thank you for your comments! Have a fab day:)