Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cupcake Yumminess!

Happy Birthday (unfortunately not to me!!). I created this stunning cupcake for a friend's bday. Isn't it cute??

It's a fun and fairly easy project that can be created with a few off-cuts and DEFINITELY a circle punch!

Cut a paper party cup in half - colour doesn't matter!(if you have bigger Styrofoam balls you can create a bigger cupcake with the top half).

Cut two strips of 12" paper (wide enough to cover the side of the bottom half of the cup) and crinkle by hand (I tried the paper crimper but the effect wasn't prominent enough). Attach two strips together and stick to bottom of cup (I used Pritt Gel and elastic bands to keep in place till dry). Stick Styrofoam ball into cup.

Punch circles out of two colours of paper (if you make a bigger cupcake you can use three colours). Attach overlapping to ball with glue gun (Pritt Gel will do the trick but you need lots of patience with drying time!!)

Cover lightly with spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter over cupcake for frosting effect. Fold a 2" strip of tulle over itself and attach to top of cupcake with a brad - put some glue on brad prongs to ensure its stuck to cupcake.

To create the "cherry" on top - paint a wooden / plastic bead and pour glitter over while paint is still wet. Stick frilly ribbon around bottom of ball with drops of glue at the beginning and end and........


This makes a stunning table decoration and looks amazing on top of a wrapped gift!

Enjoy being creative!


  1. Your cupcake is beautiful...will have to try this out for sure...

  2. I won't suggest lighting a candle on it though!! Send me a photie of yours:)


Thank you for your comments! Have a fab day:)