Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dimensional Glaze

The stunning effect of this see-through liquid amazes me every time!!! Dimensional glue is perfect to highlight anything on a page or card.

I often use it on printed paper designs that I hand-cut to use as embellishments. Either cover the whole cut-out or highlight interesting patterns or areas.

Perfect for use on lettering and even stickers. It will make any die-cut look like a pretty expensive epoxy embellishment and it makes lettering "pop" out of the page. And the best yet, sprinkle glitter over wet glaze, when dry, the glitter sinks into the glaze and no more glitter over the floor (and carpets..and lounge chairs......and hubby....and cat!!)

On the examples I mounted brown letter stickers on blue, hand cut them and glazed letters to make an eye-catching title.I have to say, I am hooked, I've added two bottles to my stash (just in case one disappears into my scrapbooking abyss......... aka mess :-O ) and will never be caught without it.

Glaze away (not on you dining room table!!) fellow addicts!

*Note to self - it takes a VERY long time to dry - keep this in mind when you are scrapping away from home and need to transport your goodies back to base!

*****Urgent note to self - don't shake excess glitter of VIGOROUSLY (- the wet glaze WILL run everywhere) lift gently! Better yet - don't shake at all ;-)

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