Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer sketch contest

I've decided to be adventurous and entered the Page Maps blog's sketch contest with this summer layout!

I absolutely adore this photograph!! Is was about 34degrees outside - we we're actually playing in the sprinklers!! - when she put on her warmest, woolliest, fluffiest (and definitely CUTEST!!) waistcoat! This is how we played for the rest of the day - "I'm looking pretty mom!!" (and yes - if you we're wondering - fluffy white winter clothes can be mud cake mud free again!! Nothing Vanish cannot handle :)

I love how the bright colours actually re-create the fun mood of the day - even the pink hearts on the waistcoat blends perfectly with the summer colours.

Break out those mouldy swimwear and go for it girl (now now, I'm talking to my overseas friends - don't blame me if you get pneumonia!!!) - enjoy summer............ and if it is really cold with snow on the mountains - like today in Cape Town - enjoy scrapping the memories!!

Sorry have to go - suddenly feel like ice cream ;0

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