Monday, July 30, 2012

Printers tray

What an awesome weekend we had in Arniston at the Scraphouse Convention!!  I LOVE teaching and sharing ideas and techniques and once again I wasn't dissappointed:). 

It was an awesome group of ladies and so much talent in one spot.  It always amazes me that we all come from different backgrounds and have a passion we all share - scrapbooking!!

The other teacher's did LO classes and I decided to stir things up a bit and design a Printer's Tray.  It was a new concept to most and we had OODLES of fun!!

I love the scrapping, chatting, laughing and laughing and the eating.........eating...........eating and EATING!  I feel like a Thanksgiving turkey. This morning I sat waiting for a cup of coffe to "arrive" out of thin air and an omelet - made to perfection! - to "magically appear" - needless to say I'm still waiting (looking at the way my pants fit after the weekend it may be a good thing!!)

Go on,  search for those little itty bitty pieces and start creating your own printer's tray! It will be a treasure lasting a lifetime:)

Happy scrappin'

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