Friday, July 6, 2012

Doodling Noodling

I've always admired scrapbookers and cardmakers that can doodle on anything and make it look pretty!  the art of doodling is still eluding me - I must admit:)

I wanted to give it a go and this photo offered the perfect opportunity for childlike doodling (don't think I'm up to advanced doodling yet!).  My little one LOVES face painting and once again mom and dad were the subjects of her "artiness" - and we really love playing canvas!!!! (I know a few moms that would rather pluck their toenails with pliers:) :).  Mom is a dragonfly (facepainting goes hand in hand with imagination!!!!), daddy is a cat and then our pretty precious butterfly! I think she has mommy's crafty side and daddy's math brain (my math brain unfortunately never developed:))

I doodled the "Picasso" title as we doodled LOVE in primary school when we had a crush on someone :p - to play on the childlike feel of the page.

It's a bit crooked and scew but my little one was sooo impressed she immediately wanted to "noodle" too - hubby said sounds like a naughty  LOL

Happy noodlin' scrappin' ;)

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  1. Well done on attempting doodling... I haven't tried... tooo scared of making a huge mess I think.


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