Friday, August 5, 2011


Playing along with Sophia and her inspiring blog I answered some questions about today...just for fun!!

Today I went surprising a dear friend on her birthday.
Today I hoped my little one's cold will get better soon.
Today I dreamed of a whole weekend scrapbooking.
Today I forgot that it was Friday (with munchkin home thought it was Saturday:)
Today I heard my husband say I love you:) :) - he melts my heart every single day!!!!
Today I read the new Scrapbooking Memories mag
Today I watched NCIS LA and Disney channel - LOTS of Disney Channel:)
Today I said "Unfortunately we cannot have everything we like, otherwise Mommy will have to buy the whole shop!"
Today I believed I am blessed.
Today I felt really tired after a week of the flu!
Today I wondered why we cannot have all the chocolate we can eat!!
Today I bought a piece of scrumptious fudge (and that is why I did not wonder why I do not look like swimsuit model:) and some yummy scrapping goodies
Today I cleaned my teeth, and that is about it:)
Today I was me!................and I loved every second of it!!

What did you do today??? Write in comments or link your blog post just for fun:)

O yeah, almost forgot Today I wished all of my followers, blog hoppers, friends I know (and don't know) a stunning weekend!!

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  1. Loved reading yours...mmm feel like some fudge now.


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