Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Fairy Princess!

My little one is turning 6 (SIX!!!!!!) on Friday - totally unbelievable and even a little bit sad:) Where did the time go??

I created this spinner card for her bday - when you move the card from side to side the cupcake spins round and round - very funky!! (my apologies for photo quality - at 2am it was a bit dark outside for photographs and I had to do it in secret!)

I think the butterflies are just to gorgeous - I've seen it done in brown paper with multicolor butterflies (for adult gifts) and it looked awesome! I thought it a nice effect for her and I'm sure the butterflies will fascinate her.

Isn't this the most gorgeous die-cut tag?? All I had to add was a tink picture and some bling and I know she'll love it! (she can even use it to scrap her pages about her bday:).

As we have grandparents and friends the rest of the week (not to mention the 45 cupcakes I'm baking tomorrow!) my next post will only be next week - sjoe, I can't wait! - it's soooo much fun turning 6:)

Happy scrappin'

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  1. How cute love them...and guess what I am also planning a Tinkerbell party for Chloe's 4th in November...what fun!!!


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