Monday, December 7, 2009

Gifts in the making!

This year I tried to make most of my Christmas presents! These two sets were created with wood canvas and can hang in your favourite spot or stand on a workspace. Firstly cover the wood canvas with mosaic style paper (my hubby was sooooo impressed with my neat mosaic work - but alas:).
The chandelier and words are laser cut elements, painted chocolate brown with added bronze glitter to the wet paint for a nice glimmer effect. The hanging crystals just add a little of the wow factor.
What I really love about the paper is the colour changing as you move around the room and when the sun sets. On the corner of each square is a tiny blob of silver glitter that really catches the light in the evenings!
Best of all these projects were made with lotsa love, time and effort and they better be appreciated or next year the recipients will go on my naughty list :)
Enjoy creating and Happy Scrappin'


  1. this is a great idea!! so, don't you do mosaic? i have a friend, she makes huge things, but it seems as though it is a bit hard on the hands,so that paper would work for me too!!

  2. I've never tried any mosaic projects. Looks like alot of work but rewarding for all the effort. Unfortunately my budget only allows for one hobby (papercrafting seemed perfect - it includes scrapbooking, cardmaking, off the page projects etc etc etc.... mom always said choose wisely!!)


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