Monday, October 12, 2009

Spier 2009

There is only one word ....... WOOOOOW-WEEEEEEE !!! We had a blast!! This was the most fun I had in ages. To top it off - we have (for once) something to brag about that was unique to the Cape Town Convention - we actually scrapped in a tented venue!! (not mentioning it was about 34 degrees!!!) - it was still so much fun! - I always say: "you are here now - you can just as well enjoy every second!"

Myself and two friends stayed over from the Friday night at the Spier Hotel - amazing! This is such a tranquil and beautiful environment, we felt totally relaxed. I had so many laughs I still smile when I think about all we did and the fun we had. Great friends make the weekend SOOO much more memorable!! To be able to share laughs (and be laughed at!!) and laugh at yourself is certainly what makes it all worth wile.

I will post some of the completed projects as they are actually completed :) - still recuperating from a hectic week!

To sum it up it was a perfect weekend:


  1. Oh sounds like you had such a fun weekend... and that is was about as nice as mine in Jhb.

  2. Glad you had fun, Joburg was a blast too...


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