Monday, September 28, 2009

Hei ho Hei ho it's off to Spier I go..... Yeaaaaahh!
I'm attending the International Conference and it's been a while since I had a weekend of doing nothing (that's besides scrapping like crazy to keep up with the classes!!) but enjoying myself. I'm counting the sleeps..
I wanted to share these amazing photographs with you. I think they can be entered into Time Warp. My hubby (dear, dear man - lying flat on his stomach on the grass for most of the shots!!) played with the camera settings to capture these shots! The BIG bubble set was a birthday gift (from mom and dad - with ulterior motives - I just imagined the photo's !!! :) and as we played dad took about 75 photographs!! These two are definitely my fav's - I like the action shot with the feet in the air.
I always end up playing with the bubbles by myself (she is either on the swing, slide or baking mud pies!!!) they absolutely fascinate me!
Play with your children, pets (or blow bubbles by yourself!!) - the photo opportunities are endless - and FUN!!
Have bubbleblowing scrappin' fun


  1. We just got back form the Joburg one and all I can say is you are going to be blown away...ENJOY!!!

  2. Oooooooeeeeeee, now I'm even more excited - pity time passes so quickly once you are there!!


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