Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Glitzy Glitz

I loved the bold colours of the Glitz Design LO we did at Spier. I would not in my wildest dreams imagined putting a black rub-on on black paper - and as you can see, it looks super cool! (must admit the background is more dark grey than black!) It gives the effect of black heat embossing - a shiny, sassy feel to the LO.

The overseas designers definitely work on a different budget than us. The black background is actually a printed sheet of paper - if I had any cardstock I would definitely have replaced it with a cardstock sheet!! .... but as the saying goes - when you're in Rome do as the Romans do :)

The frame was traced and cut from a template and we "inked" the edges with paint dabbers!!! I honestly thought - agh, why not just use inks?!? - I was impressed! You can see the definite black edging on the very busy paper - for me, this actually softens the busy paper a bit and draws the eye to the frame.

Although I thought "SJOE!!!" when I saw the paper I really love the finished LO! I even bought more paper in the range to play with!!

Happy Scrappin'

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