Friday, October 23, 2009

WOW, at last I had time to finish all the layouts from our Spier day! Have you ever had a week where you thought it would be peaceful and quiet and you'll get LOTS done - well....... needless to say it NEVER turns out the way you thought it would!!

The Kaisercrafters were sooooo abundant with their product, I finished the double layout, off-the-page project, two single layouts and a card and I still have half the embellishments and even some full sheets of paper left over!! I loooove the fact their ranges come with rub-ons, stickers, letters, die-cuts, embroidered badges and paper - all perfect for each other. It helps taking the thinking out of planning when you really have only a few minutes to spare or are rushing to a crop with friends (you met in the Spar and decided - yeah, let's crop 'till the wee hours of the morning :) and need to grab something on the run!

On my Zz.. layout I really enjoyed the straightness of the "skewy" lines - I saw a similar style in a mag and thought it a nice variation to the normal horizontal lined LO's. Hope it inspires you to be a little left wing low on your next LO's :)

I'm now looking forward to Christmas (yes, already!!). I love everything about Christmastime - the crowded shopping malls (I really do!!!), the Christmas tunes playing over and over until you know each and every single one by heart, the looking, finding, sorting, googling, e-baying for the perfect gift, the shiny wrapping and quirky gift tags (since most people chuck it with the paper a selected few will get the handmade scrapped version!!) but most of all the feeling of contentment, pure happiness and really truly knowing... An ALMIGHTY King was born this day - my Saviour!!

............and off course the three Christmas ranges I already bought for those awesome Christmas layouts :)

9 weeks to Christmas ladies - better get cracking!!

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  1. Great job, loving them, need to load mine soon too...


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