Saturday, July 25, 2009

Capturing on the move!

Although I have the EOS on my christmas list (it's been there for at least 5 years!!!! - I'm getting the idea I'm an the naughty list!:-0 ) I have an older digital camera with VERY slow shutter speed. If you ever try and capture (and I use the word CAPTURE - it is NOT simply taking a photo!!) children or animals that are on the move and have a mind of their own - the shutter speed poses as a problem. By the time you've taken the perfect photo the subject is already four blocks away, busy with another perfect photo opportunity!

My little one decided that it will be soooo much fun if I could chase her while taking a photo! (where these ideas come from, I don't even attempt to imagine). In the end the only way to take the photos (which are cute - I must admit) was to pan the actual camera with her as she ran. I tried to focus when she was standing still (there my speed was a bit on the slow side as this lasted only a few seconds!!) and moved the camera to take the shot.
Innovate and be creative! Not only when taking photos but also when scrapping! It is after all your pictures, your scrapbook pages and your memories - if others don't like it - they can create their own!

Happy snappin'!

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