Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chess anyone??

I bought a cheap and nasty chess set from a R5 store (it actually cost R12???) for my little one to play around with - and I bought one for myself!!  The box was made from lightly colored wood, with hinges and a clasp in gold (fake, I presume:) - not bad for a cheap chess set. 

I just had to do something with it..................
 I covered the front and back with the beautiful glitter print - LOVE browns and turquoise together!! There was a tiny bit of the chess blocks painted on top showing at the back but a little sanding with my sanding block sorted that like a charm:)
 The inside was also covered - had faint stains on it that didn't look gift worthy:)

After covering and inking all the edges - even the wood - I added a layer of Podge to keep the glitter at bay and to make the box last a little longer.
The box is really shallow and I was a bit perplexed as to what I'll put inside :-* I made a box of tags!  A friend is having a birthday next week and I thought it would be the perfect gift - if she then has a birthday or any occasion coming up she can wrap in brown paper and grab one of the tags to add and zwoozh up the gift- easy and pretty ;)

The box can then also be re-used as a travel jewellery box or stationary holder in the car - it fits a small notebook and pen..............mmmmmmmmmmm.........................I've got my daughter's box..................sorry, have to go..............have to cover another box.............

Happy scrappin'

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