Friday, September 25, 2009


Dilemma, dilemma.... a card for a boy pirate party!! Since EVERYTHING - well almost everything!! - in my stash is pink (or purple) I had to think quickly. These free papers were included in a carding magazine and I added (more like discarded:) them to my stash of carding papers (I generally do not fancy the thin glossy mag papers - and I prefer not to cut the 3D stacking pictures!).
I decided to give them a go (sigh.....big sigh!!) but must admit, in the end, they turned out pretty cool! The best part is they were free (besides paying a fortune for the magazine - of course!!) and since they'll most likely be chucked in the bin after the party - absolutely perfect!
I've now decided to use my freebies (hope I can make a dent in the stash before 2011!!) and be creative with what I have!

Ahoy mateys.... have a scrappin stunning time!!

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