Monday, May 25, 2009

Adore ... for sure!!

This has to be one of my favourite layouts I've ever done. Don't really know what in particular, but it just works for me!! (I think the stunning photo helps!!) How cute is this disheveled fairy!

My scrapbook buddies had a total meltdown as I dry-brushed the purple paint roughly on this beautiful green paper!!!! well........we were all very surprised at the outcome. It seems, being daring can sometimes pay off. I dry-brushed the edges to create a bit of uniformity - and off course added bling!

May your week be filled with PURE BLISS!!


  1. Welcome to the world of blog!! It is fun hey!! Love the mod vibe!
    Chat soon.

  2. def a scapolift...never been brave to try paint...but so am going to after seeing your stunning layout....

  3. it was definately a scary venture - have tried it a couple of times again and it looked great everytime!! Adding paint to my list of must haves (scrapbooking doesn't really work in what i "need", as you know!!) :)

    Will add more "painted" projects and layouts - as soon as they're dry!


Thank you for your comments! Have a fab day:)