Sunday, May 27, 2012

All about me:)

A friend had a bday last year - we were helping to set up the venue when I decided to alter the mood and give everyone a laugh!  My little girl got the hair and glasses in a package from "far-away" Grandpa and Grandma - I found it in the car after dropping her at Granny for the night.................just what I needed:)

We all had a good laugh and it was fun to do something seriously silly for a change!

I loved layering different elements and papers in the page - I wasn't scrapping at home so created all the ribbon and elements with the paper on hand!  Little fuzzy cut birdies in the corner ties the page together and the funky colours and elements suit the photo perfectly!

Why don't you capture a silly moment and scrap it so your children can one day have a laugh - even when it's at your expense:)

Happy scrappin'

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  1. Love the hair and layering! x A


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