Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drrrrrrrrrrumrollllllllllll please:)


It is official, I am one of the runner-up winners in the Scrapbook Convention's Charity Challenge. Hop over here and have a look at the other fantastic winners!

It is such a privilege to take part in an awesome event and to know that by doing what you love you are also helping someone else less fortunate than yourself!

Thanks for the sponsors and organisers and I will see you at Scrapbook Convention 2012 (with a HUGE smile on my face:)!!

Why don't you scrap your Life's Recipe to your loved ones??

Happy scrappin'


  1. Wow - your Life's Recipe page is fantastic! Congrats on the win! Sounds like a wonderful event to be a part of.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog the other week and commenting on my daughter's Rainbow Party. it really was one of the easiest themes to do and the kids absolutely loved it (which of course is why we go to all the trouble!)
    Have a good day!


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