Saturday, July 23, 2011


Another stunning challenge at Scrap and Stamp Saturday! Creating a LO about Parenting - your parents, being a parent, the feelings and emotions or just how it makes you smile:). Remember to use a stamp somewhere on your LO and play along!!

I decided to use these photos of my mom and dad that I had in my stash for ages. I was blessed with the most awesome parents - what I am today and the way I bring up my little one is a lot thanks to my parents. I always knew I was loved unconditionally - I was always hugged and kissed and praised - I was always prayed for and taught about the love and grace of God - I always knew they'd be there for me NO MATTER WHAT, unconditional support (even if I wasn't always right - which I know now!!:) - witnessing the love between parents and how amazing married life is - freedom to be all I can be but with roots anchored I said - I was TRULY BLESSED!! Not only did my parents believe in me - they taught me to believe in myself - I can be all I aspire to be!

This LO is just a little something to remind me how lucky I am - and also remind me to pray for those less fortunate - by no means was it my choosing to be part of such a loving home - it was by the grace of GOD!

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  1. Gorgeous Layout Esti, i especially like the punched edge on the flower - what a great idea - i miss getting all your new ideas, so continue sharing them with us. :)


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