Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WOOOWEEEEE!! What a stunning break we had! I was blown away - I've never had a hug from an Elephant before:) We visited the Buffelsdrift Game Farm just outside Oudtshoorn and these Elephants were definitely the highlight of our trip! You buy buckets with fruit and veggies and they eat from your hand! They even had a few tricks up their sleeve - blow like a Vuvuzela, kick a soccer ball (and BLOW it with the trunk!), sit down (this is obviously not something an elephant is designed to do on a regular basis!!), swing their legs, blow dust and eat a bucket of food in record time (I do think this trick is practised profusely as you have to buy the food to feed them! :). You can even sit on their backs! The best by far is the Elephant hugs!!!!! They are so strong, even at 8 years of age they almost knock you over - and this is when they are gentle!!
The Cango Wildlife Sanctuary is also a definite MUST SEE! It is beautiful and has more animals than the Tygerberg Zoo!!!! Beautiful and amazing! We even got to wrestle a Crocodile (now hush-hush I didn't say it was real! ;).
Hope the only thing you wrestle with is a Crocodile and may you get at least one elephant hug today!!

Happy scrappin'


  1. I love elephants, whenever i see them in a game reserve, i just go snapping!!
    lovely pictures:)

  2. Oh y, I love Ellies, you are so lucky to be so close...


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