Monday, May 3, 2010

Yesterday my little one decided we will be makers today...... (a bit of hesitation as I didn't really understand what being a maker entailed!!) Well, we started of making crumpets for breakfast and we "made" our way to the wildlife sanctuary, we "made" a stop at Wimpy for lunch (which was an ice cream and a Cream Soda!!!) and we ended the day making some yummy biscuits. These were then made up in 12 packets (I got firm instructions who were to receive a packet this week) to say "I love You" to the people that means a lot to her. One for her teacher, teacher's assistant, Music teacher, Ballet teacher, English teacher (since she is in an Afrikaans class in junior Pre-primary they get and English teacher to teach them songs and rhymes on a Tuesday!), playball teacher, computer teacher, aftercare teachers and ouma, oupa and Aunt!!!
I made up the bags with flowers and ribbon and even a little gem! The tags were a whole lot of fun. I used my Spellbinder Nestabilities (NEVER used them before!!) and it was absolutely magnificent! One swoosh through the CuttleBug and voila! Definitely worth investing in........mmmmmmmmmmm:) A few ink strokes and the cutest stamp and they were ready to be sent off to school. Pretty, even if I have to say so myself!!
Only one problem ............. did you see the massive range in the Nestabilities...........
Happy Scrappin'

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