Friday, April 9, 2010

Holiday Madness!!

I must admit - if I EVER saw a real Lindt chocolate bunny this size, this is EXACTLY the hug it would get from me!!!! :) My little one LOVES the normal size Lindt bunnies and this was just too much for her chocoholic heart to handle!! (.... and yes, I did buy her a little one to make up for the devastation when realising this is not really chocolate and no, she can't take it home!!)
I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter! We had a lovely holiday with no computer, no internet guessed it - no posts. So now, I'm a BB (bad blogger;)..again!
My parents always said after arriving home from a holiday : "Oh, it's sooooo good to be home!". I always thought it was a crazy thing to say - who didn't enjoy holiday!! I must be getting old - those where my exact words when we arrived back at home sweet home.
To top it all I enjoyed the last overnight of the holiday in hospital with UTI (urinary tract infection for the non-medical bloggers:) and must admit I'm still not 100%. The experience made me sooo grateful - it was the first time in my life I had an IV and apart from childbirth it was my first time ever in hospital!! I realised how much I had to be thankful for - the Lord blessed me with such amazing EVERYTHING! Anyhow......
I have a few lovely projects I completed just before the holiday and will post them pretty soon ........... I hope :)
Happy scrappin'

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