Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still alive......

..........and kicking:).  I just realised it is almost a month since my last blog!  Woweeeeee!!  As I'm back working full-time life happens in the few hours I have spare at night and with a sick family for 3 (YES THREE) weeks it's been hectic!

Anyway, no scrapping really happened and Thought I'll share some of the convention photos from Arniston.  This is the anchor of the Hotel (no, not me, the ACTUAL anchor:) - the venue was amazing and I must admit it was the best service I've ever had at a venue!!  Spectacular!
 This is what you missed if you didn't attend:0  - my kit box and the Thirst Aid Kit Ria presented to the delegates (perfect colour combination !!) - the thirst aid kit even had some Panados - just in case:)
 On the Sunday myself and two friends travelled home via Agulhas and this is me being the King of the world ..............okay maybe the Queen of the world:) on top of the lighthouse at Agulhas. The wind was sooo strong we battled to stay upright!
For my overseas readers a little something to make you jealous:)
 ............and this is me - torn in two!  I asked my friend to lie in the ocean across the crossing line but she didn't really fall for it - must be the rocky shoreline that put her off:)

Anyway.....hope you are creating wonderful memories to scrap!

Happy scrappin'

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