Tuesday, September 20, 2011

isiBhalo Ezingcwele

My right hand helper at home asked me to cover her Bible to last a bit longer and to make the plain black cover a bit more interesting. In her words she knows I can do this as I have all the pretty scrapbooking goodies in my scrap space! I've many times seen her looking at my newest creations and she always comments on how lovely they are (I often think she must think I'm insane buying all this paper:).

This was a challenge as the book had a shiny plastic "shrinkwrapped" onto the cover and no glue would stick to it!! In the end I removed the first three layers of the cover and had a blank piece to work with. The Bible also travels in her handbag so I couldn't add any bulky embellishments!!

This is the end result - the photo isn't to great as it was raining and she wanted to take it home and not wait for me to photograph it properly:). I covered it with sticky plastic all way round as she goes to church three times a week - it'll just last a little longer!

I created a bookmark with the left-overs and she was absolutely thrilled!! She says the little children crawl between the church benches to play with the beads hanging from the bible when she uses the bookmark:)

I'll post some of the goodies we scrapped at Spier in the next few weeks - just have to get them finished first:)

Happy scrappin'


  1. what a lovely gesture and so so special!!

  2. Truly lovely Esti :)

    was wondering, since we're on a break from Scrap&Stamp, if you'd like to join GRoovie Covers DT? you can check out the link from my blog :)

    Have a great week and end to September!

  3. OOOOH I'd love to - applying right now:)


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