Monday, November 22, 2010

I heard a birdie tweet..

I absolutely adore the Birdie Wreath from Kaisercraft! As I wasn't sure what to do with a birdie wreath (a Christmas wreath I hang on my front door - yeah, I have that idea:) but a birdie wreath was a bit different. Then my GF had the bright idea to make a mirror out of it - that way it makes a very useful and stunning gift!!
......and there you have it - beautiful isn't it? I like the funky photos with the sky and myself taking the pics - just had to add both - hie hie!
The birdies were covered and I then added a bling eye and covered the whole bird with dimensional glaze - they blended so perfectly with the paper, I needed them to stand out a bit more. The mirror is actually a perspex mirror - Hubbies clever idea!! It is extremely light and if the wreath does fall it isn't back to square one with a shattered mirror :o

I added some teensy details to make it more interesting on the eye - the ribbon adds a bit of flair and this little birdhouse charm was just too cute. In the end a lovely gift for a very special person:)


Happy scrappin'


  1. awhhh,this is beautiful esti, where can we buy this wreath?

  2. Esti, THis is such a great idea - thank you so much, it looks stunning!


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