Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A little something....

Oi joi joi, I simply can't believe I'm already making Christmas goodies!! There is so much to think of - so many people you don't want to forget!! Now it is not only family and friends but teachers and coaches etc. These little magnet tins make the ideal gift as a little added something to a special person's gift or as a little gift to say thank you to a teacher.
The tins are from Merrypak and the nice thing about the see-through lid is you don't have to cover it with paper - saves time if you're in a hurry (or want to make at least 20!!!) The pink blossom magnets are really inexpensive to make - I bought plastic 3D self-adhesive stickers at Accessorize ages ago (R64 for about 40 or so), I've used them on many projects and these are the leftovers of the pack. Use ready stick small circle craft magnets (bought mine at PNA but pretty sure all craft stores will stock them) and stick to a blossom matching your 3D sticker, then stick the sticker to your blossom and VOILA!! Now simply ink the edges and you have a pretty magnet:)
To complete the tin add a printed paper to the bottom of the tin (you don't even have to stick it down as the magnets will hold it in place!) and add a rub-on to the lid. Pretty simple and very effective.These pebble magnets work out a bit more expensive as the pebbles are from Prima but they are sooooo gorgeous and it is worth spending a bit more for the more sophisticated look. Same principle putting it all together - I've added a postcard print to the bottom of the tin -love the way it highlights the lovely design of the pebbles as it is not to busy to distract the eye.
I've also played around with bigger blossoms and tins - gorgeous.............but................all good things come to those who are patient :)
Now you can give a few of your stunning photographs and a magnet set to someone special in your life - let them stick your winning smile on their fridge - maybe this will entice them to buy you a nice BIG Christmas surprise (preferably something scrapbooking off course!!! :)
Happy Scrappin'

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