Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christmas in July!

Oh yes, I'm still busy scrapping the Christmas photies! Sure I'm not the only one:)

I love having photos printed - and the problem is this............ I LOVE to scrap the latest developed photos! The memories are still fresh and they are so funky (and full of drool as a flip through them a thousand times!) - the older photos immediately take a back seat. I've made peace with this and do not even attempt to scrap cronologically any more. I scrap what I want, when I want and what inspires me at the time. If I buy beautiful baby paper I'll get those 40 000 baby pictures out of the photo box and scrap away - if it is a photo that inspires me I'll go through the (at least) 80 000 sheets of paper until something totally bowls me over - then I dive into my stash (and with stash I mean STASH!!!) of embellishments to find matching goodies - just to find 10 other things I like with some other paper or some other photos or cards or sketch or ribbon or brad or or or or .........................................

It is seriously addictive circle - and I totally LOOOOOOOVE it! It makes me happy and it makes me smile - and THAT is what scrapbooking is all about!

Scrap what you love, when you want to (they can always stack the other 125 000 photos in a standard album when you are not around any more:) - most importantly - enjoy every second!

Happy scrappin'

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