Monday, February 22, 2010

A Sketchy Family?!?

We were on holiday and had our photo taken and "Sketched" by one of the photo booths at the cinema!! We had a good giggle to all try and fit in the booth and between all the hair my hubby just made the picture (after about five pics!!).

I used the BIG punctuation mark stamp set from MSE to create my background. The asterisk (*) and full stop (.) made for the perfect flowers in orange and turquoise. I stamped the brackets on printed paper and then cut along the edge to create a border pattern - who said you needed border punches:).

I like the happy feel of the layout as it reminds me of the good time we had when we had the picture taken!! The colours are also summery and bright and I used the bold patterns just enough to accentuate the photo and not totally overwhelm it!

If you are more than three in your family - good luck trying to fit in that booth!!! :)

Happy scrappin'


  1. Very cute LO, great pic of all 3 of you...

  2. We've done the photobooth thing three times now... it's such a great way to get a good fun memory... and yip definitely only three in a booth at a time! Great layout... love your stamping ideas.


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